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Five stars on SharewareJunkies.com!!    
“Thank you for your efforts in making an exceptional product in HyperPublish. It ‘delivers the goods’ as promised and is very friendly to use. The concept of one source document with multiple output formats is something I have been looking for for a long time. I am not a programmer, nor do I want to be--that is why your product is so attractive to me. Keep up the great work!” - Dr. Vic Weatherall - Ottawa, Canada 
“I’ve finally made my first CD! The Reader is great, and it looks beautiful and once installed is easily navigable. Thank you all so very much for the assistance!”  - Shelley Steiner - USA 
“So far the product has been really easy to use for someone like me just getting started. Thanks for a great affordable program!” - Elise Weber - Sedona, AZ - USA 
“As I write many technical documents I found it to be really useful, as it has the concept of creating a document, as opposed to just a page ...another key attribute of the program is its ability to create a document that can be read by any W3C compliant browser - I don't want to create multiple documents for different browser standards!” - Paul Jacques - Intranet specialist, UK 
“...has to rate as one of the most simple, easy to use WYSIWYG editors that we've ever come across. The basic idea behind the software is that you can start using it immediately, and pick-up the more advanced features as you go along. Now I've seen many applications described in this way, and most are as accurate as the pictures you get on the outside of a food package, but this time there's actually something to it!” - Dave Collins, Quality Shareware, quality-shareware.com 
“It guarantees immediate productivity, and good results, thanks to a totally visual intuitive development environment...” 
“...the interface is very intuitive, so it is suitable also for non-expert users...” - PC Professionale, Computer Magazine 
“HyperPublish starts from an interesting idea: to manage, with only one editor, the hypertext itself, then, from time to time, to convert it to Html pages, to an autorun CD-ROM presentation, or to a RTF, ready to be compiled in a "Windows Help" file...” 
“...If there is one thing that really pleased me in the software it is the user-friendliness, that an expert user may find even excessive, but that's sure to be a manna from heaven for anyone needs to take care of these things quickly, without having to learn Html and without complicated tools...” - PC Action, Computer Magazine 
“More I use it, more I’m impressed from the power displaced by the really friendly interface; the learning requires time due to great number of functions, but is gradual: my opinion is improving day by day ...” - The King, Shareware Junkies, sharewarejunkies.com 
“In order to build internal documentation, with iPer Hyper Publish PRO we are gaining a lot of time, may be even ten times...!”  - Ermanno Bottero, FIAT Automotive Documentation Center, www.fiat.com 
“If you have to write professional electronic documentation quickly, it’s really difficult to find something better...” - Alessandro Bocchino, BSC Consulting 
“It's probably the only tool that can allow even your business secretary to produce some decent results in a short time. You can save even more than the money on employing an Html guru, so it's certainly worth it!” - Emiliano Cianci, Domino srl, Italy 
“VisualVision has created with HyperPublish a tool for hypertext writing that is notable for it’s intuitive user interface and for an extremely easy learning curve. To create and to manage hypertext was never so easy, before..." - Fabio Maino, Politecnico di Torino, www.polito.it 
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ebooks authoring and publishing software 
professional software for great people! 
Create a catalog, catalog software, CD and Web site
This Web site and the visual online manual have been created with HyperPublish. 
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Click here, get HyperPublish now! Create CDs, Websites, manuals and catalogs with a single productive tool. 
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Full visual editor; royalty free, browser included autoinstall CDs or Web sites with one click; frames, forms, rollover, shopping cart, visual links, popup, maps, hot spots; tons of features. No better value for your money. 
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HyperPublish is a VisualVision software product 
HyperPublish is a VisualVision product.  
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** The trial expires after 30 days, and writes “created with Hyper Publish”;  
** Our trial version is installed into its own folder. If you decide not to buy the full version, you can delete the folder, and the program is gone. We don't alter your system settings, write files to your Windows directory, or do anything else to your computer that will affect how your other programs run. 
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Click here, get HyperPublish now! Create CDs, Websites, manuals and catalogs with a single productive tool. 
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HyperPublish is a Visual Vision product 
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We've had an Internet presence since 1996, and have been selling online since 1998 
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Get HyperPublish and create professional quality business catalogues catalogs, CD, hypertext documents: large professional Web sites, Internet and Intranet pages; multimedia CD DVD (with automatic install); create a catalog; create policy and procedure manuals; ebooks; rule-books; huge and small catalogs, on CD or Web site; law books, with cross references; create a multimedia catalog catalogue; build health and safety manuals; training manuals, create a technical catalog; software user guides, online help systems; firm jewelery catalog, jewelry catalog, parts catalog, tool catalogue, specifications, company minutes; create a web page; multimedia e-books; Html documents; schools-related hypertext or catalogues; create a Web site.  
HyperPublish is an affordable and productive WYSIWYG visual professional Web and CD DVD software, designed for everyday work. Hyper Publish includes a wizard for the automatic creation of an auto-install multimedia CDROM product catalogue, populating the catalog with database / CSV import, with categories, subcategories, automatic thumbnail images also with automatic image / photo resize. The CD comes with a built-in internal full text search engine. Perfect for building a item parts commercial business industrial industry catalog / catalogue.  
All with a single program, an all-in-one multimedia software. Also for beginners, non technicians, easy to use. Save time and buy it now! From VisualVision, leaders in hypertext, WYSIWYG Web publishing, multimedia CDROM authoring software, catalog catalogue software 
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Software: create Website, CD, catalog, ebook, manual, brochure Hypertext authoring software Software: build Website, CD, catalog, ebook, manual, brochure, Web page professional authoring software content publishing CD Web create CDROM cd front end autorun cd cd brochure program make cd CDROM presentation ebook software create make build compile E-books Ebook e-book software Ebook editor software visual ebook editor and compiler ebook compiler Ebooks e-book collection library Web page design software Create a Web site create Web site Web site, ecommerce, merchant account Web site editor software build Web site Website software Website builder software Create CD / Web catalog Create hypermedia hypertext CD / Web catalogue catalog Create catalogs CDROM builder software Catalog creator software Create make a CD ROM catalog Product catalog software, CSV import Website builder software Create your own Website Web Website publishing software Create software manual, WinHelp, Html Help Make online manual Create a manual, software HTML Help compiler, CHM screen savers, wallpapers finanza, borsa Shareware software resource, upload, distribute, retail, resellers, magazines, tips Commercial, shareware and free software program, optimize PC, iPod download free software, MP3, AVI, Video, MPEG free games immagini gratis software testi programmi software Crea un catálogo, hypermedia CD, Sitio Web crear un sitio Web profesional crea páginas Web personales, para el Internet crear manuales y archivos crea los CD autorun (auto-iniciantes) presentaciones folletos crear publicar ebook elibro libros electrónicos créer un catalogue, hypermedia CD, site Web créer vos site  Web professionnel Logiciel de Création de Sites Web créer fichiers d'Aide Windows et HTML, manuels créer présentation, brochure, CD démarrage automatique CD DVD auto-executable, menu Logiciel pour l'édition de livres électroniques ebook Creare un sito Web, CDROM, catalogo, manuale, ipertesto Creare CD sito CDROM catalogo, programma per Realizzare CD sito Web aziendale CDROM catalogo, software per Creare pagine Web, programma per Costruire pubblicare pagina Internet,creare sito Web, software per Creare manuali, WinHelp, Html Help, software per Fare un manuale, programma per Creare ebook e-book libri elettronici, software per Creare CD menu autoplay presentazione CD DVD autorun Software commerciale shareware e freeware crea sito Web testo canzoni, parole, lyrics immagini gratis cinema  
HyperPublish is OK for for Antiques and Collectibles catalogs, CD and Web sites, Furniture, House and Household Items, Jewelry Beadwork and Watches and Accessories product catalogs, Military, Police and Weapons catalogs and Web sites, Paper, Pottery Modelmaking and China, Textile Arts, Sewing, business Fabric Crafts CD catalogs and Web sites. 
You can create Toys Doll and Miniature-Making catalogs, Art, Architecture and Photography, Fashion, Design, Architects and Buildings, Artists and Photographers, Medical, Sports, Business and Money, Employment, Real Estate, Childrens, Baby and Preschool, Africana, Animals product catalog, Cooking and Food and Wine CD Web catalogs, Counting, Fiction movies and Literature catalogs as well as Folklore and Mythology... 
But this is not everything. It is suitable as well for making Games and Activities web sites, Health Medicine Natural Healing Web and CD catalogs, Biotech, Beauty Nutrition and Grooming, Transportation, Travel catalogs, Computers, Hardware catalogs, Baking Desserts, Home and Hobbies product catalogs, Gardening, flowers and decoration products catalog, Painting, Stamping and Stenciling. 
You should not forget that with Hyper Publish you can do also Academic school and educational CD, Web sites and products catalog, Nature, Environment, Environmental, Ecology electronic product catalog, Web sites and product catalogs, Family and Wedding products and Web sites, Pets, family Pregnancy product web sites and CD DVD.  
Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Horses, Mice, Rabbits, Pigs: people with jobs, firms and activities with these animals can use Hyperpublish with success, as well as people doing Reference, Almanacs, Maps, Consumer Guides, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Religion, Spirituality CD and Web sites, Science, Engineering, Technical, Technology CD and product catalogs, Agricultural, Astronomy, Biology and Life, collections, CD, Web sites, product catalogs... 
Engineers and technicians can exploit the HP power for creating documents for Civil Structural Construction, Electrical and Electronic product, Industrial, Mechanical product CD catalogs, Telecommunications, Chemical, Chemistry and Biochemistry documentation, Aviation, cars, Motorcycles, Trains, Ships documentation, data sheets, parts, Woodwork and Carving, Glass and Metal product catalogs. 
Any kind of large work that will benefit from the hypertext form will benefit from the Hyperpublish added productivity and ease of use.